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DICOM standards committee Working Group 18 wrote Supplement 142 that is now incorporated into the published DICOM Standard. The Attribute Confidentiality Profile (DICOM PS 3.15: Appendix E) provides a standard for image de-identification and a process with which to reduce the complexity involved in safely de‐identifying DICOM image data while providing flexibility for scenarios which necessitate preservation of certain information needed for quality control and analysis that is essential to research. This is achieved by providing a number of Application Level Confidentiality Profiles which includes a Basic Profile along with a number of Option Profiles. These profiles provide the necessary instructions for how to safely clean DICOM elements which may contain PHI. The DICOM Standard, including Part 15, is available at the NEMA web site: The original Supplement 142 guidance document can be obtained at We recommend you use the published standard above as it will be updated with any change proposals.