Patient #SexAgePrimary SiteT-stageN-stageM-stageTNM group stageHPV statusTime – diagnosis to diagnosis (days)Time – diagnosis to PET (days)Time – diagnosis to CT sim (days)Time – diagnosis to start treatment (days)Time – diagnosis to end treatment (days)TherapySurgeryTime – diagnosis to last follow-up (days)LocoregionalDistantDeathTime – diagnosis to LR (days)Time – diagnosis to DM (days)Time – diagnosis to Death (days)
HN-CHUS-079M71LarynxT3N1M0Stade IIIN/A021213365chemo radiationN/A8400184
HN-HGJ-068M57OropharynxT4N0M0stage IV?+0-83-82-71-28chemo radiation01161000
ExplanationsCHUS-HN-079 : Local recurrence at diagnosis. Error in initial data curation.
HGJ-HN-068 : RTstruct is not correctly defined. Error in initial data curation
CHUS-HN-031 and CHUS-HN-072 : Verified on May 31st, 2018 that there was no locoregional recurrence. Mistake in initial version said yes. Patient CHUS-HN-072 should now be excluded from future studies as the follow-up time is not long enough.