Imaging data from clinical trials provides the opportunity to  link imaging characteristics to clinical trial analyses, associated clinical data and patient outcomes.  Beginning in 2019, the NCI Cancer Imaging Program Informatics Lab is supporting an additional TCIA  image data collection center focused specifically on clinical trial data.   Many TCIA clinical trial data sets will originate from the NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN), which is a collection of organizations and clinicians that coordinates and supports cancer clinical trials at more than 3,000 sites across the United States and Canada. The NCTN provides the infrastructure for NCI-funded treatment, screening, and diagnosis trials to improve the lives of patients with cancer.  The NCTN explicitly requires data sharing of the patient-level clinical data in, and TCIA serves as the imaging repository for that archive.  

Labeled data for tumor detection & segmentation

With the large increase in availability of such publicly available, de-identified datasets there is now an opportunity to substantially increase their value to the cancer imaging research community by curating, segmenting and labeling them to expedite progress in data driven fields such as radiomics and artificial intelligence.  Recognizing this fact, NCI has provided funds to retrospectively generate 3d segmentations and seed points to identify tumor locations in additional trial datasets.  The resulting data will be made freely available on TCIA, along with supporting documentation and sample code (e.g. Jupyter Notebooks) that will facilitate streamlined analysis on widely used data science platforms.  This resource is being developed in a manner that will reduce the barriers for non-radiology researchers to use the data to develop predictive radiomic tools, to help developers of quantitative imaging software and machine learning models for tumor segmentation, detection and total burden estimations to assess response assessment.

Clinical Trial Datasets on TCIA

Collection IDPublished on TCIAImage Annotations
1A091105NCT0206618110 February 2023Coming soon (3rd party analysis)
NCT0027493721 October 2022Coming soon (3rd party analysis)
3AHOD0831NCT010262208 June 2022Tumor segmentations and seed points (3rd party analysis)
4ACRIN-6698NCT015643682 May 2022Tumor segmentations included in primary dataset
5I-SPY2 TrialNCT010423792 May 2022Tumor segmentations included in primary dataset
6AREN0532NCT0035253431 March 2022Tumor segmentations and seed points (3rd party analysis)
7AREN0533NCT0037934020 January 2022Tumor segmentations and seed points (3rd party analysis)
8AREN0534NCT009450098 November 2021Tumor segmentations and seed points (3rd party analysis)
9ACNS0332NCT003923274 May 2021Tumor segmentations and seed points (3rd party analysis)
10AHEP0731NCT0098046030 March 2021Not available
11CALGB50303NCT0011820930 March 2021Coming soon (3rd party analysis)
12ACRIN-Contralateral-Breast-MR (ACRIN 6667)NCT000580585 March 2021Not available
13ACRIN-HNSCC-FDG-PET/CT (ACRIN 6685)NCT00983697 13 March 2020Not available
14ACRIN-DSC-MR-Brain (ACRIN 6677/RTOG 0625)NCT00433381 7 February 2019Not available
15NSCLC-Cetuximab (RTOG-0617)NCT00533949 15 April 2019Radiation Therapy Structures included in primary dataset
16ACRIN-NSCLC-FDG-PET (ACRIN 6668)NCT00083083 31 December 2018Not available
17ACRIN-FMISO-Brain (ACRIN 6684)NCT00902577 12 February 2018Not available
18ACRIN-FLT-Breast (ACRIN 6688)NCT0057272811 December 2017Not available
19ISPY1 (ACRIN 6657)NCT0004301718 June 2015
  1. Segmentations included in primary dataset
  2. Tumor segmentations (3rd party analysis)
20NRG-1308 (RTOG 1308)NCT0199381014 September 2015Radiation Therapy Structures included in primary dataset
21National Lung Screening TrialNCT000473851 March 2013Not available
22Head-Neck Cetuximab (RTOG 0522)NCT00265941 

14 November 2013

Radiation Therapy Structures included in primary dataset

23CT Colonography (ACRIN 6664)NCT00084929 15 November 2013Not available

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