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The Reference Image Database to Evaluate Therapy Response (RIDER) was a targeted data collection initiative used to generate an initial consensus on how to harmonize data collection and analysis for quantitative imaging methods applied to measure the response to drug or radiation therapy. The long term goal was to provide a resource to permit harmonized methods for data collection and analysis across different commercial imaging platforms to support multi-site clinical trials, using imaging as a biomarker for therapy response.  See RIDER Collections for more information and other datasets that were part of this project.

RIDER Pilot was originally supported under supplemental funding for the Data from The Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) and Image Database Resource Initiative (IDRI): A completed reference database of lung nodules on CT scans (LIDC-IDRI) U01 project and focused on the collection of longitudinal studies using X-ray CT for monitoring the response to therapy. The data came primarily from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and several of the LIDC academic sites. The original dataset contained 322 subjects and was originally published on the NCI CBIIT instance of NBIA before it was eventually retired in 2011.  However, a small subset of the RIDER Pilot data (8 subjects) which were analyzed in QIBA VolCT Group 1B Round 2 No Change Size Measurements (QIBA-VolCT-1B) have been re-released on TCIA.

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Additional Resources for this Dataset

The NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) provides access to additional data and a cloud-based data science infrastructure that connects data sets with analytics tools to allow users to share, integrate, analyze, and visualize cancer research data.

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Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC). (2023) RIDER Pilot [Data set]. The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA). 

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Clark, K., Vendt, B., Smith, K., Freymann, J., Kirby, J., Koppel, P., Moore, S., Phillips, S., Maffitt, D., Pringle, M., Tarbox, L., & Prior, F. (2013). The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA): Maintaining and Operating a Public Information Repository. In Journal of Digital Imaging (Vol. 26, Issue 6, pp. 1045–1057). Springer Science and Business Media LLC. PMCID: PMC3824915

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TCIA maintains a list of publications which leverage our data. If you have a manuscript you'd like to add please contact TCIA's Helpdesk.

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