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Listing of the TCGA Glioma Phenotype Research Group's accepted abstracts for RSNA 2011 (Nov 27-Dec 2, 2011, Chicago, IL):


Presentation Time (CST) and Location

Supporting Materials

A Coordinated Method for Clinical Trials Research: Multireader Assessment of MR Imaging Features of Human Gliomas
A E Flanders, MD, Philadelphia, PA; E Huang, PhD; M Wintermark, MD; M Nicolas-Jilwan, MD; P Raghavan, MD; C A Holder, MD; et al.

Tue Nov 29 2011 9:25AM - 9:35AM ROOM E451B

Computer-aided Visual Image Analysis of Glioblastomas and Genomic Features
S N Hwang, PhD,MD, Atlanta, GA; C A Holder, MD; E Huang, PhD; R A Clifford; D Hammoud, MD; P Raghavan, MD; et al.

Sun Nov 27 2011 12:30PM - 1:00PM ROOM Lakeside Learning Center (poster)

Mon Nov 28 2011 11:10AM - 11:20AM ROOM N226 (oral)

A Novel Statistical Method for Lossless Compression of Diagnostic Imaging Features
E Huang, PhD, Rockville, MD; J B Freymann, BS; J Kirby; R A Clifford; C Jaffe, MD; A E Flanders, MD

Wed Nov 30 2011 12:15PM - 12:45PM ROOM Lakeside Learning Center

Prediction of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Time to Recurrence Using MRI Image Features and Gene Expression
M Nicolasjilwan, MD, Charlottesville, VA; R A Clifford; A E Flanders, MD; L Scarpace; P Raghavan, MD; D Hammoud, MD; et al.

Thu Dec 01 2011 11:50AM - 12:00PM ROOM N229

Radiogenomic Mapping in GBM: A Novel Quantitative Merge between Imaging and Genomics - The Creation of a Signature for Tumor Necrosis Using Image Genomic Analysis in 12, 764 genes and 555 microRNAs
R R Colen, MD, Boston, MA; P O Zinn, MD; J R Bruyere, BS,MA; B Mahajan, MBBS; F A Jolesz, MD

Tue Nov 29 2011 11:00 AM - 11:10 AM ROOM E451B

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