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Listing of the TCGA Glioma Phenotype Research Group's accepted abstracts for SNO 2011 (Nov 17-20, 2011, Orange County, CA)


Supporting Materials

Radiogenomic Mapping in GBM in Patients with High versus Low Edema/Tumor Infiltration using An Image- Genomic Analysis of 12, 764 genes and 555 microRNAs
Rivka R. Colen, Bhanu Mahajan, Ferenc A. Jolesz, Pascal O. Zinn

Survival prediction using molecular classification of glioblastomas: Role of tumor blood volume estimation using DSC T2* MR perfusion
Rajan Jain, Laila Poisson, Jayant Narang, Lisa Scarpace, David Gutman, Carl Jaffe, Joel Saltz, Adam Flanders, Brat Daniel, Tom Mikkelsen

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