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Tuesday, Sept 25, 2012

On Phone:

Rajan, Laila (HF), Adam, Jim, Chad, Daniel R., Carl, John

  1. Rajan and Laila developing  a new manuscript (walked through early results on call:
    1. Non-enhancing part of the lesion
    2. Next step – look at genomic pathways...
    3. rCBV-FL by non-enhancing region
    4. survival v. blood volume data
    5. low / high combining  blood volume and edema for survival
    6. Blood volume data with vasari features
    7. Goal – show which is better or combined.
    8. Interesting results: changed plan a bit ....
    9. Correlate with non-enhancing lesions
    10. Correlation of survival data
    11. CBV in only the NON – enhancing part...
    12. Add the genomic information.
    13. Even w/o the genomics it is a manuscript
  2. Note – Rajan  needs to process more perfusion cases... (beyond the initial 45)
    1. Jim Chen may have  a fellow who could help
  3. JAMIA submissions from group ?  No update
  4. Chad – Emory has new clinical Nordic Ice license – plan to leverage for new analysis
    1. May transfer NCI Nordic key to Jim Chen ..
  5. Chad – will combine some previous talks and present at Southeastern Neuroradiological Society:
    1. Overview
    2. Summarize of data from previous talks...
  6. RSNA meeting (Tues 5-6:30 pm at the Hilton)
    1.  Adam will propose some topics – how do we move the field forward in genomics and imaging, What do you have to do to advance the field
  7. John will request Daoud to present next meeting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On the phone:

Lisa, Erich, Jim, Ashley, Brad, Dave, John, Justin


  1. Dave Guttman radiology paper - some new statistical (will talk to Erich) and formatting comments / questions
    1. Dave is also finishing up a Jamia paper on pathology
  2.  Reading status update by Justin:
    1. Latest goal: 31 cases being scored in the bunch
    2. Brad max manal prashant , jim – totally done with their reads (brad did an extra group)... 
    3. still waiting on rivka, chad, and scott (who did three last week – in process of moving to St. Jude)... 
      1. Rivka – 11 (9)  to do
      2. Chad -  11 (minus the post-ops) = 7
      3. Scott has 6 to do
    4. Remaining unscored cases:
      1. ~45 on public from TJU
      2. ~40 in pipeline from Case Western (keep sequestered for possible Challenges?)
  3. LGG Cases
    1. Adam – went through the LGG cases from TJU (indicated which are post-op)...
    2. Do we want to start LGG now?  / Or wait for Erich to do analysis on latest GBMs?
    3. LGG CRF:
      1. Dave – "keep the features, we have, and add the one (or two) features."
        1. need to decide if two new features or combine them
      2. Logic needed in the form  because with the low-grades a lot of the questions won't be needed – (contrast enhancement will be rare)...
      3. Longest cross sectional area for enhancement won't exist, so do we want to measure something else – T2Flair (maximal cross sectional flair enhancement?)
  4. Brad update on his in-house multi-vendor comparison – currently just going through patients to see who has progression / pseudo progression.
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