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  • How-to For Access to Limited Collections (collection requires TCIA-facilitated permission from Principal Investigator)

Access is limited to those collections that require TCIA-facilitated permission from the Collection's author or principal investigator, for the following Collections:

Follow this guide in order to smoothly request, and be granted, access.

Step-by-step guide

  1. First, Identify the Collection shortname and DOI that you'd like to request. Most likely, one of these above.
  2. Second, How do I obtain a TCIA username and password?
    1. Note, if you are having trouble with your account email, username, or password, a hint for options is here:  Cancer Imaging Archive Account Help
  3. To complete the request, you will need to provide these six pieces of information about this TCIA user
    1. Your Full Name:
    2. Your Affiliation: this is a university or company name, usually. Sometimes includes geopolitical detail.
    3. Email address: Please use the email address associated with your TCIA account.
    4. Name of collection you wish to access: Please tell us the shortname and DOI of the Collection(s) you request, hints listed above.
    5. Reason for access to the collection a sentence or two, at least something.
    6. TCIA User Name:  as you created with the full name and username above
  4. submit to TCIA Helpdesk  as a "Request Access" type ticket. If this does not work for you, email your form to 
    1. It is recommended to ensure that you create your helpdesk ticket with the same email as your TCIA account email address.
    2. it is recommended to include "Restricted access request" as the subject of your ticket.

The list of Collections was current in October 2022. The list may have changed.