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  • How-to For Access to Limited Collections ("collection contains images that could potentially be used to reconstruct a human face.")

Access is limited to those collections that contain images that could potentially be used to reconstruct a human face, for the following Collections:

Follow this guide in order to smoothly request, and be granted, access.

Step-by-step guide

  1. First, Identify the Collection shortname and DOI that you'd like to request. Most likely, one of these:

    NOTEHead-Neck-Radiomics-HN1 requires a different Agreement here: TCIA No Commercial Use Limited Access License 

    (Note: , you can combine requests for  1 or more Collections from this table on one Agreement): 

    Challenge datasets

    • Brain-TR-GammaKnife please indicate on your Agreement whether you wish to request both DICOM and NRRD format files for this Collection, or DICOM-only, or NRRD-only.
  2. Second, How do I obtain a TCIA username and password?
    1. Note, if you are having trouble with your account email, username, or password, a hint for options is here:  Cancer Imaging Archive Account Help
  3. To complete this 
    Some data in this collection contains images that could potentially be used to reconstruct a human face. To safeguard the privacy of participants, users must sign and submit a TCIA Restricted License Agreement to before accessing the data.
    1. Page 1: Requires your TCIA Account details
    2. Page 1: Requires the Collection Shortname and DOI (Note: , you can combine requests for 1 or more Collections from the above table, into the box on one Agreement)
    3. Next on page 4, YOUR organization's details are requested; note that on Page 3, UAMS contact address details are given. 
      3. ADDRESS
      5. PHONE
      6. FAX
      7. EMAIL 
    4. Page 4: Your signature scanned or electronic are ok
    5. Page 4: Calendar Date you complete the form
    6. Page 5:  A brief description of your project is requested. 
      1. notes in the case of mention of collaborators on page 5
        1. one teacher CAN agree to cover their students, or usage by one investigator's subordinate lab members is ok
        2. This restricted access collection requires a separate license agreement on file for each collaborator that may be accessing the data. Please have each collaborator complete and sign a license agreement and then we can provide access to this data.

  4. Save your COMPLETED form in PDF format,
  5. submit to TCIA Helpdesk  as a "Request Access" type ticket. If this does not work for you, email your form to 
    1. It is recommended that you create your helpdesk ticket with the same email as your TCIA account email address.
    2. it is recommended to include "Restricted access request" as the subject of your ticket.

This list was current in March 2023. The list may have changed.