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C. Modality
Defined Terms for the Modality (0008,0060) are:
CR = Computed Radiography CT = Computed Tomography
MR = Magnetic Resonance NM = Nuclear Medicine
US = Ultrasound OT = Other
BI = Biomagnetic imaging
DG = Diaphanography
ES = Endoscopy LS = Laser surface scan
PT = Positron emission tomography (PET) RG = Radiographic imaging
(conventional film/screen)
TG = Thermography
XA = X-Ray Angiography RF = Radio Fluoroscopy
RTIMAGE = Radiotherapy Image RTDOSE = Radiotherapy Dose
RTSTRUCT = Radiotherapy Structure Set RTPLAN = Radiotherapy Plan
RTRECORD = RT Treatment Record HC = Hard Copy
DX = Digital Radiography MG = Mammography
IO = Intra-oral Radiography PX = Panoramic X-Ray
GM = General Microscopy SM = Slide Microscopy
XC = External-camera Photography PR = Presentation State
AU = Audio ECG = Electrocardiography

- Standard -
EPS = Cardiac Electrophysiology HD = Hemodynamic Waveform
SR = SR Document IVUS = Intravascular Ultrasound
OP = Ophthalmic Photography SMR = Stereometric Relationship
AR = Autorefraction KER = Keratometry
VA = Visual Acuity SRF = Subjective Refraction
OCT = Optical Coherence Tomography
LEN = Lensometry
OPV = Ophthalmic Visual Field OPM = Ophthalmic Mapping
OAM = Ophthalmic Axial Measurements RESP = Respiratory Waveform
KO = Key Object Selection SEG = Segmentation
REG = Registration OPT = Ophthalmic Tomography
BDUS = Bone Densitometry (ultrasound) BMD = Bone Densitometry (X-Ray)
DOC = Document FID = Fiducials
PLAN = Plan IOL = Intraocular Lens Data
IVOCT = Intravascular Optical Coherence
Retired Defined Terms for the Modality (0008,0060) are:
DS = Digital Subtraction Angiography CF = Cinefluorography
DF = Digital fluoroscopy VF = Videofluorography
AS = Angioscopy CS = Cystoscopy
EC = Echocardiography LP = Laparoscopy
FA = Fluorescein angiography CP = Culposcopy
DM = Digital microscopy FS = Fundoscopy
MA = Magnetic resonance angiography MS = Magnetic resonance
CD = Color flow Doppler DD = Duplex Doppler
ST = Single-photon emission computed
tomography (SPECT)
OPR = Ophthalmic Refraction


1. The XA modality incorporates the retired modality DS.
2. The RF modality incorporates the retired modalities CF, DF, VF.
3. The modality listed in the Modality Data Element (0008,0060) may not match the name of the
IOD in which it appears. For example, a SOP instance from XA IOD may list the RF modality
when an RF implementation produces an XA object.
4. The MR modality incorporates the retired modalities MA and MS.
5. The US modality incorporates the retired modalities EC, CD, and DD.
6. The NM modality incorporates the retired modality ST.

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