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The following characteristics apply to all TCIA APIs:.

Version 3

  • Two new APIs have been added (/getSingleImage, /getSOPInstanceUIDs)
  • Three new APIs have been added (/NewPatientsInCollection, /NewStudiesInPatientsCollection, /PatientsByModality).
  • The getSeries API has been modified to include new query parameters.
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2 (Documentation for Version 2 . can be found here)

  • You can access the metadata of an API by appending /metadata to the end of a QueryEndpoint, without any QueryParameters (See below). The metadata is in JSON format and conforms to this schema.
  • Most APIs can return results as CSV/JSON/XML/HTML. You can specify the return format by including the query parameter format.

Getting Started with the TCIA API


BaseURL BaseURL includes the version number of this API (v3 in this example)
Query ParametersCollection=TCGA-GBM &
Formatformat=csvSome APIs support CSV/HTML/XML/JSON, while others only support a single return type.
Therefore this is required only in instances where multiple return types are supported.



Query Parameters

All query parameters are
optional unless stated otherwise





 /query/getCollectionValuesNoneCSV/HTML/XML/JSONSet of all collection names

 /query/getModalityValuesCollection / BodyPartExaminedCSV/HTML/XML/JSONSet of all modality values (CT, MR, ...) filtered by query keys

 /query/getBodyPartValuesCollection / ModalityCSV/HTML/XML/JSONSet of all body part names filtered by query keys

 /query/getManufacturerValuesCollection / Modality /
CSV/HTML/XML/JSONSet of all manufacturer names filtered by query keys

 /query/getPatientCollectionCSV/HTML/XML/JSONSet of patient objects filtered by query keys

 /query/PatientsByModalityCollection (R)
Modality (R

Returns a list of PatientIDs, given a specific Collection Name and Modality

 /query/getPatientStudyCollection / PatientID /
CSV/HTML/XML/JSONSet of patient/study objects filtered by query keys


Collection / StudyInstanceUID /
PatientID / SeriesInstanceUID /
Modality / BodyPartExamined /
ManufacturerModelName /

CSV/HTML/XML/JSONSet of series objects filtered by query keys

 /query/getSeriesSizeSeriesInstanceUID (R)CSV/HTML/XML/JSONSet of total byte size and object count filtered by query key

 /query/getImageSeriesInstanceUID (R)ZIPSet of images in a zip file


Date (R)
Collection (R


Returns a set of Patients that have been added to a specified collection since a specified date.
Date is specified as (YYYY-MM-DD)
Use the getCollectionValues to get the list of available collections 

 /query/NewStudiesInPatientCollectionDate (R)
Collection (R)

Returns a set of Studies that have been added to a specified collection, and optionally to a patient since a specified date

Date is specified as (YYYY-MM-DD)
Use the getCollectionValues to get the list of available collections 

 /query/getSOPInstanceUIDsSeriesInstanceUID (R)CSV/HTML/XML/JSON

Return a list of SOPInstanceUID for a given series using the SeriesInstanceUID

 /query/getSingleImageSeriesInstanceUID (R)
SOPInstanceUID (R)
Raw DICOM ObjectReturns a SINGLE DICOM Object that is identified by its SeriesInstanceUID and SOPInstanceUID. This API will always be used following the /getSOPInstanceUIDs

 /query/ContentsByNamename (R)JSONGiven the name of a shared list return its contents.


Click here to see more details on the return values.