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This document describes v3 of the TCIA programmatic Interface or  REST API implementation.  This API is designed for use by developers of image analysis and data mining tools to directly query the public resources of TCIA and retrieve information into their applications.   The API complements the existing web interface but eliminates the need for users to visit the TCIA web pages to select and download images then upload them into their viewing and analysis applications. The TCIA Programmatic Interface is based on a middleware platform called Project Bindaas, developed by Emory University and uses REST web service technologies.

The API is a RESTful interface, accessed through web URLs.   There is no software that an application developer needs to download in order to use the API. The application developer can build their own access routines using just the API documentation provided.  The The interface employs a set of predefined query functions (see REST API Directory) that access TCIA databases.