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As an opportunity to leverage this wealth of new biomedical knowledge, CIP used its agreements with TCGA Tissue Site Source institutions to collect clinical diagnostic images for TCIA that match genomically analyzed tissue cases in the 20-plus cancer types that TCGA has characterized. 

Data Access

Radiology data for TCGA patients are hosted on TCIA.  Pathology images were collected prior to TCIA's involvement in the project, and are hosted on NCI's Genomic Data Commons website.  Use the links in the table to access each type of imaging data.


Tumor Type

LocationsModalitiesRadiology (Subjects)Pathology (Subjects)
TCGA-BLCABladder Endothelial CarcinomaBladderCT, CR, MR, PT, DX, Pathology120


TCGA-BRCABreast CancerBreastMR, MG, Pathology1391098
TCGA-CESCCervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Endocervical AdenocarcinomaCervixMR, Pathology54307
TCGA-COADColon AdenocarcinomaColonCT, Pathology25460
TCGA-ESCAEsophageal CarcinomaEsophagusCT, Pathology16183
TCGA-GBMGlioblastoma MultiformeBrainMR, CT, DX, Pathology262606
TCGA-HNSCHead and Neck Squamous Cell CarcinomaHead-NeckCT, MR, PT, RTSTRUCT, RTPLAN, RTDOSE, Pathology227520
TCGA-KICHKidney ChromophobeKidneyCT, MR, Pathology15113
TCGA-KIRCKidney Renal Clear Cell CarcinomaRenalCT, MR, CR, Pathology267537
TCGA-KIRPKidney Renal Papillary Cell CarcinomaRenalCT, MR, PT, Pathology33288
TCGA-LGGLow Grade GliomaBrainMR, CT, Pathology199515
TCGA-LIHCLiver Hepatocellular CarcinomaLiverMR, CT, PT, Pathology97377
TCGA-LUADLung AdenocarcinomaChestCT, PT, NM, Pathology69514
TCGA-LUSCLung Squamous Cell CarcinomaLungCT, NM, PT, Pathology37495
TCGA-OVOvarian Serous CystadenocarcinomaOvaryCT, MR, Pathology143590
TCGA-PRADProstate CancerProstateCT, PT, MR, Pathology14496
TCGA-READRectum AdenocarcinomaRectumCT, MR, Pathology3171
TCGA-SARCSarcomasChest-Abdomen-Pelvis, Leg, TSpineCT, MR, Pathology5261
TCGA-STADStomach AdenocarcinomaStomachCT, Pathology46440
TCGA-THCAThyroid CancerThyroidCT, PT, Pathology6506
TCGA-UCECUterine Corpus Endometrial CarcinomaUterusCT, CR, MR, PT, Pathology65560

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